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Wednesday, September 8, 2010

Are You Paying Too Much For Car Insurance Miami

Are You Paying Too Much For Car Insurance Miami?

When dealing with auto insurance agents because of an insurance claim, its imperative that you have an idea of what you are going up against and have tools at your disposal to help you stand your ground. You may have to deal with your car insurance agent, but more than likely that person is going to refer you to someone higher up.

The database does not include any information about credit reports, criminal records or civil judgments, nor does it utilize any kind of legal record. The information is kept in the database for up to 5 years. So any claims filed for 5 years will be listed in the database. The companies that utilize the reports are the ones who submit the data about losses to the CLUE database. Car Insurance $39 per month at Car Insurance Miami

How Does My Insurer Use a CLUE Report? CLUE reports are used almost exclusively by agents who are considering new clients. They are used during the underwriting process to determine the risk of a particular client. Most companies do not used them for renewals because they have their own history on a client. This makes the underwriting process easier for insurers, who can avoid searching public records and requesting information from previous insurers. Who Can Get My Report? Any insurance company that participates with CLUE can get a copy of the report, but you as a consumer can also request and receive a copy of your own CLUE report.

Auto insurance companies look at many factors when they determine who to insure. Credit scores are merely one of many variables, but they help them assess any risk that the insured may pose. Similar to how credit scores are derived, the precise equation involving credit score and insurability is not entirely known to the general public. Suffice to say that the better ones credit is, the more favorable the premium.

Once a consumer purchases an auto insurance policy from an insurance agent, their job does not stop there. An auto insurance agents role now shifts. Part of being an insurance agent is to ensure compliance when it comes to premium payments. These agents send out reminders to consumers about payment schedule as well as any proposed changes on rates to the current auto insurance policy of the consumer. A good auto insurance agent should also be updated on their consumers life since they can get new leads form these changes like when a family member bought a new car. In this case, they are able to offer cheap car insurance quotes for this new family member. Dirt Cheap car insurance for just $39 per month at Car Insurance Miami

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