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Thursday, September 23, 2010

Thrifty Weddings: The Reliable Role Of The Car Polish

Practical weddings are in, lavish weddings are out. And the more imaginative a couple gets, the more worthwhile their thirftiness becomes. As you approach your wedding day, do you want to lose money over a limo or spare it for your prolonged honeymoon? A car polish can be your best friend. Take your lemon out of the garage and give it a good polish, for all you know, the vintage car can do just as good a job as an overpriced limo. And you would hardly notice the difference, especially for a short ride.

The only thing that separates a limo from your personal car is that its driver compartment is separated by a glass panel, leaving you and your new spouse with the privacy you need. But over-all, this is not practical seeing that the limo will just be applied to transport you from the hotel to the church, or if you are having a hotel wedding and reception, then the limo will just be utilised to transport you from the flat to the venue. There is not much utility for the dollars spent at all.

Besides, based on your celebration, you can spend between 3 and 6 hours on limo rent for your wedding day and with that a lot of money gone down the drain which you could have kept for your honeymoon instead.

A good brand of car polish does marvels to your car. Go for one that is plant-based, because chemicals, which are more prevalent in the market today, can scratch or fade your car paint as it polishes it. A good car polish will leave your car scratch-free and brilliant for the longer time.

There is a way to do car polish that guarantees to be the ultimate care for your car paint. First, it employs clay to remove the dirt, and then it applies a masque to make it beam, and lastly, a sealant to keep the shine for a longer timeBioshine car polish can take care of your wedding day car polishing needs so you can have a budget-saving and wondrous wedding using your personal car. Call us today and we can shine your car for you wherever it is parked!

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