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Tuesday, September 7, 2010

All You Need To Know About A Powertrain And Powertrain Extended Car Warranties

All You Need To Know About A Powertrain And Powertrain Extended Car Warranties
by Jonathan Jacob

In the automobile world the Powertrain consist of all the components of a vehicle's drive system. This includes the engine, the transmission, and any separate driveshafts, differential etc. Sometimes, "powertrain" is used to refer to simply the engine and transmission, including the other components only if they are integral to the transmission.

Most automobile drivers are not aware that makers car warranty starts on the completion date of manufacture not the day the vehicle was sold. So make sure you find this out before the purchase. Be clear on how long the Powertrain is covered and what specific parts are included in the coverage. As with all contracts be sure to read the whole policy. Not doing your scheduled maintenance can void your warranty.

Most Powertrain Warranties pay the mechanic over the phone directly however a few Administrators still require the policy holder to pay the facility and then get reimbursed. So make it clear with your agent that you do not want a reimbursement policy. Another thing thats is not universal with all warranties is the ability to use any mechanic you please. Make sure you can use any repair facility in case your mechanical failure occurs out of town.

Not many factory warranties cover the powertrain past 36k miles so its necessary to purchase one through an Extended Warranty and Vehicle Service Contract provider. There are numerous companies offering extended coverage which will include the powertrain on new and used vehicles. Powertrains are the most important components of any vehicle and also the most expensive to repair. It covers the transmission, engine ,drive axel and drive shaft. Along with the items listed you also need to be cognizant of any additional parts and components that are included or not, within the warranty.

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