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Monday, September 6, 2010

Everything To Know About A Powertrain And Powertrain Vehicle Warranties

Everything To Know About A Powertrain And Powertrain Vehicle Warranties
by David Cunningham

In its most broad sense, a powertrain for a vehicle is what makes it go. The powertrain basically consists of the engine, which turns the driveshaft through the transmission. The driveshaft, in a rear-wheel-drive car, turns the gears in the rear, which turn the axles that turn the wheels. The rear and the axles are also part of the drivetrain. The parts that make up the powertrain are expensive to repair.

When you buy a new or used car you must look over the auto warranty for powertrain coverage. Make sure you read the entire contract before the 30th day after you made a down payment. New Car Warranties are very clear on what the driver must do. Is the Powertrain covered and for how many miles and for how many years? Be clear on how long the new car has been on the lot. Drivers are not aware that factory warranties do not start on the sale date but when the car came off the factory floor.

Most Powertrain Warranties pay the mechanic over the phone directly however a few Administrators still require the policy holder to pay the facility and then get reimbursed. So make it clear with your agent that you do not want a reimbursement policy. Another thing thats is not universal with all warranties is the ability to use any mechanic you please. Make sure you can use any repair facility in case your mechanical failure occurs out of town.

Some Factory Warranties cover the Powertrain for 5 years and 100k miles but most only cover for 3 years and 36k miles. Many Extended Auto Warranty and Car Service Contract companies offer Powertrain Warranties. You may even qualify for a Full Comprehensive policy but if money is tight the Powertrain components cost the most when you do breakdown so at least purchasing a Powertrain only policy will give you the peace of mind that most of the expensive parts like the engine, transmission, drive axel and drive shaft are covered. An accredited Auto Warranty Company will have agents that walk a customer through what and what is not covered.

The best thing a person with a high mileage or older model vehicle can do to prevent a large out of pocket expense is to Warranty the Powertrain. As there is many levels of coverage there is also varying levels of Powertrain coverage. Some companies call it premium powertrain and some platinum powertrain coverage. Some Extended Car Warranty companies sell a Powertrain Enhanced Policy that also covers some electrical and air conditioning. Whatever you decide as far as coverage the Powertrain is something you have to consider.

All Extended Auto Warranties have a 30 day and 100 mile waiting period and some have even longer waiting periods. Each level and each Administrator has different waiting periods and different extra`s. Some have roadside assistance and some do not. Some Extended Warranty Companies offer towing and trip interruption. Be clear on the restrictions and bonus items. If you look long enough you can find extra`s like a free 1 year of ICE Family Protection offered by Gold Key Warranty Group or Auto Deductible that LG offers which pays up to 250.00 of your auto insurance deductible. The rising level of competition has many exotic extra`s showing up on policies but don`t lose focus of what is most important and that`s the Powertrain components that cost $1000.00`s per occurrence.

Right of refusal to repair could be caused by any number of things, such as repairs you might have done or the type of parts used. Were they OEM or used? Was the vehicle abused or was there a lack of regular servicing? Of course floods and other like accidents would not be covered.

Research many different Car Warranty Companies on the internet at places like the BBB. Here you can read other consumers report what there experience`s were like with different coverage`s. In this day and age it is very hard for a bad company to do business for long. With website`s like rip off and Trust link consumers are sharing who to got and to stay away from. As well as with any industry the Company that can give you the most choice`s and cover the most niche's will succeed. In the Extended Warranty Industry there are very few companies that have licensed their own software so they may shop all the top Warranty Administrators all at once to get the best policy for their customers. The more options they have to offer the more competition there will be between Administrators and the better quality product gets handed down to the consumer.

Car Warranties and Vehicle Service Contract are US Direct Protect and Car Service Contracts specialty. They meet or beat any Extended Car Warranty offer. They have an A on the BBB so you can purchase with peace of mind. US Direct Protect uses licensed software to shop for the best rates. Visit today for a free quote.

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