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Sunday, September 5, 2010

Extended Auto Warranties Keep You On The Road

Extended Auto Warranties Keep You On The Road
by Jonathan Jacob

Not preparing for automobile breakdowns compounds the issue and puts most people in a jam when they do finally breakdown on the side of the road. We depend on our vehicle`s to get us to and from work and to bring our kids to school, not having our vehicle can cause chaos in an otherwise routine arena.

A new car Factory Warranty covers a vehicle for a few years but most breakdowns occur after that coverage has expired. Luckily Extended Car Warranties are sold for those of us that want protection from unexpected engine failure or mechanical breakdown. We are going to go over what a driver needs to understand when they search for an Extended Auto Warranty

All Auto Warranties have different levels of coverage and drivers need to understand what level is right for their vehicle. Powertrain Warranties only cover major repairs like the Transmission or motor. Cars now a days have many high-tech parts and electrical components within the internal computer, if you qualify for a warranty that covers these parts it may be a good idea to pay a little more to have more coverage. Scheduled maintenance is required and may void your coverage if you fail to keep up on it and wear and tear items are almost never covered in Extended warranties.

A good Extended Warranty will allow you to use your policy at any ASC certified mechanic and most important will pay the repair facility over the phone with a corporate credit card. Some policies require the policy holder to pay the facility upfront and then reimburse them later. This defeats the purpose of not having to pay out of pocket expense`s

Most drivers will agree that it is much easier to pay a low monthly installments than to suddenly have to cover a several thousand dollar repair bill in one day. Even customers that are financially sound appreciate the ability to purchase an extended auto warranty in an effort to save money. Replacing an engine or a transmission is often not a realistic option for many of us, but having extended coverage makes it easy to handle. Pricing for extended auto warranties is remarkably low, and they certainly are much less than the potential expenses associated with repairing a multi-component breakdown.

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